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Can $HOME be configured so the first letter is uppercase?

Thunar currently displays my home directory as:
scott - File Manager

I'm trying to configure things so Thunar displays my home directory as:
Scott - File Manager

The change is making the first letter in $HOME uppercase.

I've looked at file $HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs but it's my understanding this only changes the folders *within* $HOME not $HOME itself.

You would probably have to change your user account name to upper case. Some good info here -


UIAM, unfortunately, when you install Ubuntu, Ubiquity insists on the user name being all lowercase.

Not too long ago, I posted on here *EXACTLY* how to change the user name:

In somewhat more than a nutshell, you have to create another account, give it sudo privileges, change the user name to what you want it, log back in under the new name, then delete the account you used to change the user name.

I took the time to research and try all that out, but the person who originally asked the question never responded back. Hope this helps YOU...


Valtam/N4RPS -  appreciate the good info and taking the time to answer.  ~ Scott


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