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GUI vs Command Line


For those interested, this author allows his published book on the command line to be downloaded for free

I'm no command line pro but I love this line from his book:

--- Quote ---It's been said that “graphical user interfaces make easy tasks easy, while command line interfaces make difficult tasks possible” and this is still very true today.
--- End quote ---

GUI Vs command line (CLI), look what I found. these are some of the differences.

- GUI makes it easy for the user, therefore makes the OS user-friendly.
- GUI interface means the OS is dumped down
- GUI consumes too much CPU and memory.

- CLI gives the user more options and control.
- CLI is stone-aged; it belongs to a "The History of Computers" museum.

As a long time user of CLI interfaces and someone who is over needing to remember or learn a new set of commands, I'd be very happy if every operation that needs to be done via a CLI now could have a front end available, how that would be implemented .... that's the question, but would be my preference!

There should be no competition between  GUI (Graphic User Interface )and CLI (Command Line Interface ) use of Linux .
Speed depends on what sort   task you need use  a computer for and how often you need to use them .

If you only need to  use commands infrequently then a GUI , which leads you by the hand with its display that prompts the user for the correct inputs etc  , it  is overall quicker and easier.

If you are a knowledgeable user  and frequently do the same task then yes each task is performed quicker . But if you factor in the time taken to become proficient by learning the correct commands , inputs and syntax etc then it might not be quicker . In the worse case scenario if you only need to use it once it is extremely  slow compared with the small increase in  processing time a GUI takes.

They should be seen as complementary and use what is best suited for you task .
--- That is like Horses for Courses

Something that may help is that to me not enough emphasis is made of the fact the the CLI as I have come to understand is in fact in 2 separate parts ( correct me is I have got it wrong )

(1)-  The Shell Commands that  manipulate thing like Folders , Files , and Hardware directly

These are  only used by the User with Administration Privileges  using the CLI and use  a set of basic navigation and  control commands that need to be learned and  understood so as not to input an incorrect command that could cause havoc
(2)-  Applications that are included in the Ubunto Kernal
        Applications that are included in the Linux Lite Distribution
        Applications that are added by the User
These are powerful mini programs that have only text based input/ outputs via the CLI and have their own specialized commands and inputs that need to be learned .  They represent a half way stage between pure System Commands and Graphic User Applications for ease of use .



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