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Error setting permissions function not implemented

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OK well I guess I had it already installed I didn't know haha . I did that doing commands in the terminal searching for exFAT in Linux. Now I see a 3rd exFAT entry. When I try to install it, it gave me this error:

Thing is the file's copy to my USB stick, it's just that error message that always pops up. Weird thing is when I had v1.0.6 of Linux Lite it didn't do it.  I'll try to keeo searching if there is another way to get rid of that error screen.

Hi, thanks a lot I will try that right now.  Thing is with FAT32 you can't copy files larger than 4GB. It's a limitation with that file format. exFAT is like NTFS no issues. exFAT is mostly for USB, SD, etc. NTFS for harddrive's

Never ran into that myself, because have never had anything formatted as exfat.  Don't have problems with mine formatted as FAT32.

Did quick search and found couple of posts saying you need to install a couple of extra packages to handle exfat files.

Menu -> System -> Install/Remove Software will open the Synaptic Package Manager.  Type "exfat" into the search box and you will see two packages show up.  Install them both by clicking the box next to each and selecting "Mark for installation"; then hit "Apply" button along top.  The packages you need are shown in screenshot below.

NOTE:  If USB copying doesn't work right after installing those, reboot the computer and try again.  It may need you to do that for those changes to take effect.  It should work fine after that.

Hello, here is the error I am receiving when copying files to my USB stick. Just simple copy and paste, it even comes up with the send to command in the context menu. Here is the link to my error:

DJ Butelo:
Thanks so much, Gold_Finger! My 1st problem with LITE...ever! and 1st time posting, as well. Will try the solution and get back to you with the results.


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