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Creating USB bootable with Rufus software on Windows

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I just stumbled upon this thread and thought I'd chime in. Thanks for the tip about the screenshot tool in Lite. I had no idea it was there, but I'll definitely be using it from now on. It's so much easier than trying to take pictures with my phone and then squinting at them later.


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Then you could try and use it. Pictures from a phone are sometimes hard to read and look at.

Actually, in the screenshot is Etcher.. This can be installed via Lite Software.
Also installed by default is ImageWriter (MintStick)


From the Final Release Notes:

A good, simple point and click USB ISO burner is or
In our testing, Etcher and Rufus (for Windows only) have proven to be the most reliable. Etcher is available for Mac, Windows & Linux.

We've always included an easy to use DVD burner. With DVD's slowly becoming a thing of the past, the logical inclusion was to add a simple point and click USB Burner/Formatter, and it doesn't get much easier than Mintstick. Etcher is still available in Lite Software for those that prefer it. You can find Mintsick under Menu, Accessories, USB Image Writer and USB Stick Formatter.

I know Moltke

You should know there's a screenshot tool installed in Lite, don't you? You can access it by clicking on menu and start typing screen ... it should appear among the results:

Select it and hit Enter to launch it:

You can take a screenshot of your entire screen, an active window or a region:

Then you can choose whether to save it in your pc, open it for editing in a program of your choice, or upload it to Imgur:

Screenshots taken with this tool, are easier to look at and read than pictures taken from a phone. Just saying. :)


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