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congratulations Linux Lite is 15th in the Distro watch catagory :57:

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bernard stafford:
Jerry you are awesome.. Reaching the top.. Linux Lite.
I have been around for a while. Linux Lite 2.4.
I always keep a copy.   :57:
I must get back to translating language for Launchpad 'Afrikaans' Language.
Jerry ..keep checking under pine in the snow storm.. You posted...
"just a minute , I'll get that info for you.. Ha Ha. ..!
This is the best friend I have ever had.
Best of luck in these trying times. Covid..
Looking for the next release of Linux Lite 5.8.
Stay Well My Friend.
Bernard Stafford

Wow! we are advancing steadily, one way traffic :) This tortoise may win the race after all.

Niiiice. Posted my review of LL 5.6 on the site today:

--- Quote ---It's not only super easy to use with a low learning curve, but it has some TOOLS that let a casual user point and click his way through such tasks as emptying package cache after updating, removing old kernels, even cleaning up systemd logs (which grow huge over time) with a click of the mouse. The TOOL SET ("Lite Tweaks") is the main reason I'm a Lite fanboy.

Another reason is the simple re-naming of applications in Linux Lite. A new user wouldn't know that Thunar is a file manager, for example. So in Linux Lite it's called "File Manager." Little thoughtful things like that make a lot of difference for new users.

Lastly, it's usually a trade-off between "user-friendliness" and speed. It's almost an axiom that one has to be sacrificed in order to achieve the second. Greater speed and responsiveness usually means less GUI (Graphical User Interface) stuff and vice versa. I really don't know how, but Linux Lite defies this old axiom and offers both ease of use AND mind-bending speed (only boot-up is a little slow for me, but what the heck - grab a coffee while it boots up).

--- End quote ---

You nailed it.  Are you me? :))

Always found the rating strange on there but I must say, this is great news Watson! ;)


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