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Battery status icon gone from taskbar


Yes it's become a bad habit haha. Hey thanks, that was it, right under my nose I didn't even see it :D

Thanks again.

You like removing things from the panel, don't you?  (Just kidding.)

I think the battery indicator shows up with the panel item called "Notification Area".

Follow same procedure as shown on your other post for adding new items to panel and add "Notification Area" back on to the panel.  (That's probably what you deleted.)

By accident I removed my battery status icon from the taskbar. I don't see how to get it back I was trying to fix my icons with the separator and I took out that icon by mistake. I downloaded another battery status icon called wmbattery but even that I have no idea where it is after I downloaded it or how to add it to my taskbar?  :-[


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