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13 Ways You Can Help Desktop Linux To Grow

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#9 - if you submit documents in a post to Duolingo community, it will be translated free  ;) .
They need verification from owner so they know they won't have copyright issues etc.
As learners try to do parts, staff and native speakers will vote it up/down until it's good to go/passes.

They are very big on education and learning, seems a good pairing for the translation of Linux documentation.


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--- Quote from: Jerry on September 02, 2015, 08:25:31 PM ---Source: ...
2. Report bugs ...
4. Join a forum and help others ...
6. Help financially ...
7. Disable ad blocker ...
8. Join local Linux and Open Source groups ...
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I do or will do 2, 4, 6, and 7.  I wish I could join a LUG but they are either disbanded or inactive around here.This forum is my LUG. ;D

--- End quote ---

Late in posting but I restarted a Linux Special Interest Group (SIG) within the local computer user club about a year ago. The club was happy to have a Linux SIG again and to gain about 10 new members. The club was in the past large but lack of interest had brought it down to a small number so we meet with the Windows users. We usually have a monthly program on Linux that even the Windows users attend. While the Windows users complain about their problems, we Linux users just grin at each other. We are getting a few converts to Linux because some of the Windows users are trying Linux on their older computers. I am also posting on our Facebook page articles that I read so I am even doing Jerry's first recommendation.

As usual, Jerry has given us good advice.  8)

i am an supporter and on the fourm. plus Irc chat on another distro and JBS. i am writing an article for my Linux Magazine

it morphin time

Linux Lite is on Foss Report "What was the best Linux desktop distribution in 2016" http:// I just voted which made only 4% (44 votes). If the some more of the 1499 Members of this forum, Linux Lite should get some deserved recognition!  ;D

I was the 43rd vote.  At the time that calculated it to only 1%.


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