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13 Ways You Can Help Desktop Linux To Grow

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Hello Jerry,

is it okay to add my another blogger blog link in my signature ?
It is non commercial, no adverts, a beginner make type blog, I've just begun today.

Thank You Jerry  :)

Absolutely :)

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--- Quote from: Jerry on February 20, 2017, 05:46:49 AM ---I don't see a link.

--- End quote ---

Is it okay to add the link in the signature?

Hello Jerry,
to the left of this post, it has bitsnpcs, further down it says reputation, below this it has 3 icons -
view profile,planet, Send PM.
The centre of the 3 icons the planet, clicking the planet icon opens the blog. Mouse over the planet icon it reads Yeye Linux.
In my profile edit area it has a space for a link to "website url", I added the blog url there and so it works with the planet icon.
Your one reads Linux Lite OS, and clicking it opens the main website.


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