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Zorin OS vs Linux Lite OS

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The Repairman:

Strange that almost any phone now has more power than PCs from a few years ago.
Linux Lite phones! ;)


--- Quote from: f23948 on November 25, 2021, 05:45:52 PM ---I don't like Zorin OS because it's not easy to use! I love Linux Lite OS because it's easy to use!
--- End quote ---

Not Zorin bashing, but I gave it try as I read how "beautiful" it's desktop is and how it was one of the best distros for those moving over from Windows.  First off, I wasn't impressed by the desktop.  I can hark back to the early two-thousands and going from Gnome to KDE and thinking "Oooooooooooooooooo! It's sooo pritteeeeeeee!"   :004: Then thumping the keyboard in frustration as my resource starved PC sloooooo o  o   owed dooo oo own...  :banghead

KDE was pure eye-candy.  Zorin was no such experience.

Then, I found it didn't seem to be that intuitive to use.  Can't quite put my finger on it, but it was like going from an Android phone to a Nokia phone - certain applications that I use a lot were too many clicks away, while other parts of the menu seemed over-crowded.

I have retried the likes of Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and so on, over the past couple of years, but keep coming back to Lite - I first started using it since 2.8.  It ain't flashy and lacks a few features I do like from other OSs, such as being able to have a custom view for each folder/directory - for example, under Documents, I would prefer a detailed list, but under Pictures, large previewed icons would be better.  But, hey I know I am sacrificing a minor useful feature for speed and stability (16 GB of RAM helps as well  ;) )

About 1-years ago, I was given a some ex-company laptops.  I kept one and gave all the others away.  They all had Linux Lite on, but were given to people with very little PC skills other than email, web surfing, office use, that sort of thing.  Every so often, I check up with them how are things going.  Everyone stills says the laptops are running nicely, they are using them everyday and are still happy with them.  I now have two more laptops loaded up with Lite, just looking for an appreciative home :)

So yeah, I read the hypre and rave reviews about Zorin, but to me it was just "Meh" and back to Lite.


p.s. I cut my teeth on Slackware, back in '99.  ran it for a few years, then found Ubuntu, then BeatrIX, then Mint and now Lite.  I have a real old Acer Travelmate 6493, might for purely masochistic reasons, put Slack on it...  :55:

Usual policy in these forums is to keep it Linux Lite oriented. ;)
The (lots of ;) ) different Linux offering cover different user needs/preferences.

It also can get confusing like when cross-overs/branching occur... i.e. Linux Lite based on Ubuntu, Ubuntu based on Debian and Debian based on long lost Alien technology found in Manchu Pichu for example.

Jacob Pertou:
I don't like Zorin OS because it looks awful! I love Linux Lite OS because it looks awesome!


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