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Visitor Stats for the month of February

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Yes, MSIE is junk, but people go to Chrome because people add so many add-ons, toolbars, etc. to MSIE - whether they realize it or not - that IE slows to a crawl. Problem is, when they choose Chrome is their default browser, Windoze Update ALSO stops working.

 It's all OK by me, though, because I make a buck or few undoing the damage. When I straighten out their messes, people tell me it's like they just bought a new PC.

Of course no need for any of that in Linux - YET...


Nice Stats Valtam! Since the majority of users are from Windows, most likely, they use Chrome as their browser. That Internet Explorer number is surprisingly low, thought there be more than that, but thankfully, people are starting to realize how terrible and crappy Internet Explorer is.

:)  Well, many Mac PPC users may come to the same conclusion that I have. Rather than get abandoned by Mac again and spend big money on another Mac, it is better to go to Linux (especially Linux Lite) using an older PC or less expensive new PC with Linux.

No build for Mac PPC I'm afraid that is a far different architecture to what is being used now. The good news is that we are encouraging and getting results from people using old pc hardware, rather than it ending up in land fill.

Interesting that so Mac users are visiting. As I posted before Mac users with PPC (non-Intel) computers may be looking for a new OS or another computer because they are no longer supported by Apple. There are few Linux distro for a Mac PPC. Could Linux Lite be made to work on a Mac PPC?

Also found it interesting that there were so many Chrome browser being used after what I have read about privacy problems with Chrome.


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