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taxact online

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taxact online
« on: June 26, 2019, 04:52:14 PM »


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I need to make a decision soon about windows 7 on the laptop soon before update support ends.  The only reason I have a need for for windows these days is for doing personal taxes with an installed program.  The taxact site says it not support linux for installed programs, but it says to use the online version on a supported browser.  If anyone here has used online version on ubuntu, I'd like to know if you were successful submitting the return, and able to print to the local printer.


Re: taxact online
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Taxact is just a slightly improved version of the IRS e-file option. According to the IRS e-file site Firefox is compatible with their freely provided fill in forms. I'll bet Firefox works on taxact's online site too.

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Linux Lite 4.8 Final is now available for download and installation