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Survey: What do you think of Cloud Storage?


I made my own cloud. I have old computer with linux lite. I installed openssh-server in it and share music and photos to my other computers. On the fullcircleissue 83 there is an article how to do it.

I personally have my own cloud storage with my email account and find it useful for backing up all kinds of stuff.  I wouldn't mind having an on-board software to making the use of storage easier.

Cloud storage is all great but I find most are satisfied with external hard drives, whilst I stick I measly 4GB stick to make quick switch-overs and moving of files between machines.


I keep a few 1 TB external HDs on hand. They can be had in the $70-$80 range. You don't get much cloud space for free, and it only takes a few months to recoup what renting a TB would cost. You also have to have a decent Internet connection, and wait for stuff to UL and DL in and out of the cloud.

Besides, Google ALREADY knows too much about me! But to each his own, I suppose...


Just a little survey I made to test out the capabilities with Google Drive.


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