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replacement for firefox?

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hey guys i am back and i am getting very tired of firefox . is Falkon a good replacement? or should i go to  brave?


I have used Falkon (known also as Qupzilla) for a while :
- very fast and reactive
- easy to use

But :
- some problem to display some videos (may be due to flash player....)
- problems to fill  some customer's form
- last version was not delivered by Synaptic but it's Ok  now

I also tried Opera and now I use Vivaldi.

Vivaldi :
- is not the lighter in term of memory used
- parameters easy to modify
- built-in ad-blocker

Brave is excellent, and instantly imported all my old Firefox stuff.

. I really do not a thing to do with firefox anymore .thanks for the two suggestions.

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Been a Opera guy for a long time, started to get sluggish so i went back to Chrome Beta since its nice and i use sync with Google.
Hehe maybe not the new guy in the browse world that one ;)


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