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replacement for firefox?

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@bluzeo ,

See this list of alternatives:

Brave has support for vaapi for some time. vaapi is required for gpu (hardware accelerated) video decoding and I think this is very important for a linux web browser. Because of this, I migrated from chrome to brave some time ago.

But in the recent 88 version of google chrome, vaapi is supported now.

Even, google chrome now (finally) supports for vaapi, brave has some advantages over chrome for me:
* Mobile Brave browser (android, don't know about ios) has built-in ad blocker.
* Android Brave has navigation buttons at the bottom, unlike chrome. This is very important for me.
Note: Brave has sync features between web and mobile, just like chrome.

Note: I abandoned Firefox very long time ago because its slowness compared to chrome. Currently, it's still the same. Chromium based browsers are still faster than Firefox according to my everyday use testings.

Note: My priority is syncing between devices so Falkon is not an option for me. Moreover, chromium based browsers are good at new web technologies (since Google defines them nowadays), Falcon will probably follow new techs a little (maybe more) behind.

I have moved to vivaldi. Still kinda like firefox but at least they don't want to censor the net.

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Been mostly using Waterfox the past 4 years now.


--- Quote from: icedigger on April 03, 2021, 06:37:44 PM ---Been mostly using Waterfox the past 4 years now.

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Tried it for a while didn't like it was so behind of the main project.

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