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replacement for firefox?

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And for a fully open-source alternative, there's always Seamonkey!

Seamonkey does everything that both Firefox and Thunderbird do, yet with thousands fewer lines of code than Firefox by itself. It's a superb choice for those looking to keep the Lite in Linux Lite.

Their true heir of the venerable Netscape Internet Suite, Seamonkey does it all and many Firefox extensions work with Seamonkey as well.

It can be added to Linux Lite by means of the Ubuntuzilla PPA.

Jhon Micky:

--- Quote from: bluzeo on January 13, 2021, 06:23:19 PM ---hey guys i am back and i am getting very tired of firefox . is Falkon a good replacement? or should i go to  brave?

--- End quote ---
I think Firefox is one of the best but you can try:

    Ungoogled Chromium


    Librefox (Firefox fork)

    Falkon by KDE

The Repairman:


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