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replacement for firefox?

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+1 for Brave. It's better and faster than even "un-Googled Chromium" and blocks all kinds of unwanted bloat, flash, and ads.

I "was" a fan of Chromium, but then moved to Firefox. Recently learned of Waterfox and I am quite fond of it. Quite fast, supports Firefox addons, and can be hardened fairly easily pretty much how you can Firefox. By default, it seems to be pretty decent compared to Firefox. I hate how pretty much every browser that can render pages decently uses so much RAM. I mean jeez, does a browser really need a GB of RAM for a few webpages? Waterfox seems to be a little better on RAM compared to Firefox and a lot better on RAM compared to Chromium and Falkon apparently (just tried Falkon a few minutes ago).


--- Quote from: bluzeo on January 24, 2021, 04:10:51 AM ---I have moved to vivaldi. Still kinda like firefox but at least they don't want to censor the net.

--- End quote ---

Vivaldi is my main general purpose browser bcos it has blocking built in.
For corporate use, its firefox... V 86 and 87 are better with ram

Otis Schamberger:
if I were you, I will choose Chrome for no reason
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vote for Brave


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