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Recover Firefox Bookmarks


I installed DB Browser for SQLite and found the file called places.sqlite opened the folder but still can't see any of my bookmarks on the hard drive from the other computer.

Hi BlueFox,
It is my understanding (I use Firefox as my main browser in LL 5.8) you will find the JSON bookmark files at /home/your_username/.mozilla(this is a hidden file)/firefox/try_different_folders_to_to_find_out_they_are_not_much/bookmarkbackups

Hope this helps.

My understanding is that Firefox keeps bookmarks (with other things) in a file called places.squlite
The directory bookmarkbackups holds archives of the bookmark data.
Firefox can export bookmarks as an html file from a working system so it may be be possible to transplant the whole profile to a new installation and then export the bookmarks from the profile as html.

Laptop Hard Drive crashed and won't boot. I put the drive in an external case and was able to copy the user files to another computer with running Linux Lite.

However have not been able to get my Firefox bookmarks recovered.
I don't have a html file to work with only some .json files but don't see the bookmark file.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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