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--- Quote from: bitsnpcs on July 07, 2019, 11:44:19 AM ---removed nothing to discuss here, post your music whoever wants to

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Come on, I bet you can find something of your like that does not violate forum rules.

I think the problem were actually the videos.

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This is recording of me playing a tune of my own creation, recorded to Linux desktop computer. (Live recording, no editing , no effects used) I played and just saved to Audacity, then added info text using Openshot video editor.

Hmm long time member who is back on LInux Lite on older Lenovo...when we talk music i must say that one of the greatest albums i've ever heard is new one from Tool.
It is like a trip or a  story , lay down and just relax and listen, try it out guys :)

For those of you who remember MTV!

Negativity, is born of suffering. It is an attempt to ease one suffering by imposing it upon the other. Else, it is survival. Only sentience can breed suffering. Horror, comes from the shared fear of being incorporated in suffering. There is only suffering to be afraid of. Suffering without an end. Such as, if there is light at the end of the tunnel, but the everlasting journey of man towards that light, is all about enduring the prevailing darkness of the way.

It sounds very speculative.

Nobody believes in the triumph of negativity.

Some neofolk for today. Along with it, the question of modern spirituality. Could spirituality, be turned into a product? Can spirituality, become an object? Can fire, be contained in any form, can it be converted into solid state entity, without damage to the form or to the meaning of fire?

Burn strong.


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