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Şerban S.:
There is a long list of names in this world of music...
I suppose that Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Chopin, were the most influential entities for me.
I had a very old dream to play the piano and after the early '70s, when the Moog emerged, I knew the electronic music was my choice.
Life though, was less in my favor.
My musical training is close to none (except grades I - IV, which was very long ago...). Lack of support from family...
I still want to make music so, what I would like to get from you, is what you feel and think of that:

It is my second album.
Most of the music was composed, played and recorded on a Korg PA500. Some tracks (two, as far as I remember, track 4, "What Are You Doing For Yourself" and track 7 "Mediteranean Echoes") were made with a DAW on a laptop with a Behringer UMX610.

Şerban S.:
Thanks for pointing me to this!

--- Quote from: MS on October 26, 2019, 04:05:08 AM ---Classic style electronica. Interesting, melancholic vibe with musically narrative aspect to it, beings at 37:42.

--- End quote ---

Labrinth's songs on repeat

I think that a solid playlist will keep you on the go to. Here is my current playlist that I would like to share.
 it goes well with everything even with diving myself in reading, chilling around and

So many musicians inspired by Kinda Blue. 


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