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Music Mix

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Music Mix
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I have just completed my first ever music mix, and just wanted to share about this.
I used Linux Lite and Audacity.
It is the first project I have done using Linux.
I used 16 separate sessions, this taking me total time of just over 32 hours to make the mix, the mix is 50 minutes and 33 seconds duration.
The time includes learning to use Audacity (sort of lol), on the fly whilst making the mix, without RTM at all, I did view it at the beginning it didn't cover any of the things I wanted to know at that time, so I left it alone for later, and had a play instead, which is usually how I first begin to use a software.
I also used some sound effects, and I also made different ones by overlapping/merging anything from 2-5 effects, I also made a couple of effects by using sound bites of songs.
A maximum of approximately no more than 50% of any song duration was used, and many use less than this.
The beginning of a song on the mix in some cases is not the beginning of the original song, and in some cases the song on the mix begins 50 or even 75% through the original song, done for blending/making fit, effect.

It's a reggae mix, I used the sub genres  -  Lovers Rock, Roots, Dancehall, Reggaeton.
It begins with lovers rock and ends with it too.
I use roots either side of the dancehall. This was a challenge being the fastest and slowest songs.

I like the mix myself but am unsure if anyone else would like it, it was a really enjoyable and fun first project, I hope my post encourages someone else with whatever their first project on Linux Lite is, and I hope to read about your projects too.


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