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I do argue that science-fiction is superior to fantasy genre, but I do it for the sake of argument and competition. Everything done good, done justice, is certainly worth to be experienced, if to assume anything is worth to be experienced at all. Like this philosophical question of, is existence worth your time? What is time outside of existence? I am ultimately fascinated by the nature of perception, as German philosopher Immanuel Kant has depicted the matter. What the Kant did regarding the topic, is to emphasize, that our senses are only messengers, communicating to our brain whatever they can understand of the subject they encounter on their path. Our brain combines all this information together and builds the "objective" - paradox - world image within itself, that it takes as the foundation to make decisions projecting on our survival. Perhaps there are other sources of information available to the brain, other senses involved - but these senses, simply did not make enough sense - duh - or practical application, to become as significant as those we mostly relay on. Kind of like in the world of Linux distributions, if to allow for such comparison, where some distributions are more influential than the other. Either how, that we live selectively in a world tailored to fashion our bodies - or otherwise speaking, in a world strictly defined by the same dimensions that are able to seize our bodies - does not mean other dimensions do not exist. We are simply sense-blind to them, as we have become more bound to our bodies and terms of physical survival. Understanding that, this is where the realm magic kicks in. Thinking about it, to give it an image, I can only imagine fractals in motion.

STALKER spoilers ahead.

In the canvas of the Cyberpunk 2020 anniversary, deep regards to the open source movement:

Perhaps not a scene, but an entire production, yet have you seen the all time classic, entitled Apollo 13? This movie holds special place in my heart, because it tells the story of a struggle between human and human error aftermath. You see, technology, is our offspring. It is our input into the otherwise natural order of the universe. Technocracy, has been the driving force of the world we live in, since the perish of religion. What is the perish of religion based upon? It is founded upon the lack of existential meaning, rooted in involvement.

Apollo 13 tells the story of people trying to prevent a catastrophe, caused by their own, intendent actions and ambitions. There is a sense of greater obligation to it, a form of personal responsibility, especially in the face of others, being entangled. There is a great saturation of existentialist dimension to the issue. People involved in a struggle they are deeply rooted within, because they caused the emergency in the first place, as well as because the event defines their place in the universe, by earliest assumptions.

Religion, in particular the monotheistic religion, as represented by the flagship Jewish tradition, as presented in the book of Genesis of the Jewish Old Testament, tries to impose a similar realm of personal involvement - a kind of underlying sense of guilt - with the notion of trespassing of consuming a forbidden fruit. But this is a failed attempt. The very existence of philosophy itself - an evolved philosophy, seeking human place in the noetic vision of the universe - is the greatest testimony to that.

Because philosophy itself, is a product - and each product, exists to satisfy certain need. Religion fails to bring deep meaning in the human life. It may sound superficial, but think about it. We live in a phenomenal world, not an ideal world. We live in a world that 'just happens'. Things are driven by forces, sometimes not clearly understood, oftentimes not by logic or reason, anything we can easily comprehend. Logic and reason, are human creations, an attempt to give meaning to established cognitive setup of what we encounter.

That is also why does the phenomenon of human suicide exist. People fail to see their involvement in the universe. They simply feel detached. They feel like being forced to labor in the field of someone - or something - whom they neither know, nor care about. They are infact mercenaries. But money, does no good either in explaining the meaning of human existence. Because, there is no fundamental ambition, no fundamental undertaking, no fundamental error and no fundamental struggle to bring things into balance once again.

That is why, Apollo 13 seems so valid to myself, because it tells a story, which actually takes into concern having a purpose, having a goal and finding deeper meaning inside a crisis - a meaning, which tells that a human, is an ultimate value to another human, because the true meaning and true achievement, can only arise in relation between humans, sharing similar purpose.

The purpose of conquering the Moon by glorious landing, turns pale in comparison to finding oneself of crucial meaning to someone else of similar kind.

Every value we know of, is part of a communication network.

If you ever have an opportunity, see Downfall, a movie from 2005, starring Bruno Ganz. The excellence of his performance, leaves me speechless. Besides, you will know a movie, from which was drawn the famous 'Hitler outrage' meme scene on Youtube.


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