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Howdy folks,
Happy Maundy Thursday, and a big thanks to stevef for helping me get my mouse turned back on yesterday.  I found out that I didn't have a keyboard shortcut programmed in the keyboard settings to get me to the terminal, this made it very difficult to follow all of the advice I was getting as nothing was working.  So by trial and error and searching some forum threads I found advice from a fellow HP laptop user to use Alt+F2  that got me to the xfce settings and from there following stevef instructions I was able to turn on the mouse.  The first thing I did was go to keyboard shortcuts and set up Ctrl+Alt+T for the terminal, live and learn. 

Happy Easter,

I was having trouble with my M317 Logitech mouse settings and as such I went into settings mouse and touch pad.  I accidentally turned off the mouse and now I haven't a way to turn it on.  Is there a keyboard shortcut or other way to turn it back on?  I am not sure what category this falls under but I am unable to use my Lite desktop at all without a way to navigate as the touch pad is off also.  Please help!

Best regards,


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