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Linux wont let me in. want to try different OS's?


What is the Best operating system for 32 bit old pc, i tried some linux free one's online but i'm always having a problem with linux going into a stupid command prompt at startup forcing me to always reinstall the os. What other free operating systems are similar to windows where you just reboot and it goes into login similar to windows 7, the linux ones i've tried after i installed are always giving me a "command prompt" after installing the operating system and restarting...... linux's always won't let me get back into my desktop after restarting my system i researched all the problems i have but they never work, None of the linux Operating systems are letting me get back into the desktop no matter what i try and do? Any advise? Im new to linux and it's just annoying and i need your help.


There may be more, but Linux, Chromium OS (kind of like what Chromebooks run on - also Linux), Firefox OS (probably Linux as well), and FreeBSD (again, similar to Linux, but with less support), are the only freely-redistributable OSs out there that *I* know of.

You could run OS X (Mac OS) or Windows 7, but for THEM, you'll have to 'pony up'.

IF your PC can handle it, Windows 7 Professional OEM copies can be had in the $60 range...



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