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Some feedback

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Some feedback
« on: August 04, 2022, 11:07:22 AM »


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Howdy folks,
I've read Jerry's rules on posting on the forum and have done my best to abide.  As a new Linux OS user who's entire computer life personal and in business revolved around Windows, the Linux world is very unfamiliar. I'm not a coder nor have I built computers I'm simply a user who has had to deal with ass wagons with Microsoft when technical issues came up.  Those of you who know everything about Linux need to be just a bit less abrasive and a tad more tolerant towards us who are new to the world of Linux because we don't know much.  So I ask, when I encounter a problem with what ever it might be that gives me concern what am I to do?  It seems that what Jerry is leaning towards is to exhaust all avenues with software, hardware, glitches, updates before coming to the forum to ask a question; I really want to know. 
I chose to download the Linux Lite OS after a long and deep search of Linux distros that were light on resources of older machines that took me almost a year, because there are a lot of distros out there.  I like Linux Lite for the most part, it runs very well on my laptop and I have it set up to mimic my Windows 7 set up that I am comfortable with, that is the good.  The bad is finding a way to get my Canon laser printer to work and it has been a struggle and so I can only use the printer on Windows 7 for now, hopefully in the near future I will find a solution to get it to work. I won't ask any more questions on the forum for now, I will research the problems myself online and search the forum last as i am done with being talked down to.

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God Bless Texas

Re: Some feedback
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You can message me in confidence about the specific example of "being talked down to" and I will investigate it. Cheers.


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Linux Lite 6.0 Final Released - See Release Announcements