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Howdy Jerry,
Thanks for the info and I will certainly read it all again so I don't break any rules.  The IKEA analogy is hilarious, only because I've put some projects together for customers, at least the forum is easy to read and not with pictures only.  No one has been abused, I would like it if some of the little troublesome things were easier to get resolved.  I'm sure as time goes on I will get more comfortable with it.

Best regards,

I'll post here, the Registration message people get when they join here, if after reading this you still have questions, let me know. But this should be pretty comprehensive.

--- Quote from: Registration ---
Welcome Bob, to the Linux Lite Forums.

Please have a read through the following important threads before your first post, to familiarize yourself with posting on the Forums:

How to get the proper Support you are seeking -

Marking threads as SOLVED -

Community Guidelines and Rules -

How to make a Post/Thread -

How to report a Bug -

If you need Support, please search your topic here first before posting - chances are there has already been a solution provided, and this will save you a lot of time.

If you are asking for or offering help, please remember to give people a Thanks located underneath their name on the left hand side of the page.

When posting a request for Support, please use either the Software - Support or Hardware - Support sections, depending on your topic. Once your post has been Solved, please mark it as such (see above).

Once you have finished reading the above mentioned, feel free to introduce yourself here -

Remember to treat others as you yourself would like to be treated, with respect and tolerance.

See you on the boards :)

--- End quote ---

Think of it like this if you will. If you go to Ikea and buy a kitset desk, bring it home, refuse to read the carefully laid out instructions, assemble the desk, and end up with something other than what is in the pictures, then complain at the Staff and company for a bs's not like the correct guidance and answers weren't provided before you started. People here will help you, but in some cases, not if you've bypassed numerous options offered to you right from the outset. It's a mixed community, I can't control how people respond initially, but I can deal with it.

Some people's style is direct and to the point, some will draw their answers out over some length. As long as you aren't directly abused, you shouldn't take their style of answer personally. As long as you receive the solution you have asked for and it's done without attacking you, you can move on and enjoy your operating system.

I appreciate the response but I don't know how to message you in confidence.  Also my idea of someone being a jerk or a smart ass may be different from yours.  My original question still remains unanswered, am I to exhaust all to researching the software maker and the forum before posting a question on a certain topic?  From where I sit those who write code, those who are all knowing of all things Linux seem to come across to me as ass wagons, not just here but on all Linux information sites.  A question that seems small and insignificant to you because you know everything is very important to me because I need to find a solution to the problem so I can move on with what ever I am doing on my computer.  I could do the same to those asking me advice for home improvement or renovation and remodeling advice, but I don't, I answer their questions using language they can understand.  As I've noted before, Linux Lite is an awesome OS and I am so glad I found out about it, I want to learn more and get more knowledge about the system so I can get everything to work as I want. 

Thanks for your time and best regards

You can message me in confidence about the specific example of "being talked down to" and I will investigate it. Cheers.

Howdy folks,
I've read Jerry's rules on posting on the forum and have done my best to abide.  As a new Linux OS user who's entire computer life personal and in business revolved around Windows, the Linux world is very unfamiliar. I'm not a coder nor have I built computers I'm simply a user who has had to deal with ass wagons with Microsoft when technical issues came up.  Those of you who know everything about Linux need to be just a bit less abrasive and a tad more tolerant towards us who are new to the world of Linux because we don't know much.  So I ask, when I encounter a problem with what ever it might be that gives me concern what am I to do?  It seems that what Jerry is leaning towards is to exhaust all avenues with software, hardware, glitches, updates before coming to the forum to ask a question; I really want to know. 
I chose to download the Linux Lite OS after a long and deep search of Linux distros that were light on resources of older machines that took me almost a year, because there are a lot of distros out there.  I like Linux Lite for the most part, it runs very well on my laptop and I have it set up to mimic my Windows 7 set up that I am comfortable with, that is the good.  The bad is finding a way to get my Canon laser printer to work and it has been a struggle and so I can only use the printer on Windows 7 for now, hopefully in the near future I will find a solution to get it to work. I won't ask any more questions on the forum for now, I will research the problems myself online and search the forum last as i am done with being talked down to.



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