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Linux Lite Awareness Campaign



--- Quote from: Scott(0) on April 16, 2014, 11:19:12 AM ---Nice work Valtam. I will spread the word.  :)


--- End quote ---

Thank you Scott :)

Nice work Valtam. I will spread the word.  :)


As part of our awareness campaign geared towards informing people of the dangers of running an unsupported operating system (Windows XP), the Linux Lite team needs your help.

We've created a poster to hang up at your local school, supermarket, store, university, bus stop, library, club, in fact anywhere you can think of. And in true linux spirit, we even include the source material! Please print off the PDF and make cuts vertical to the web addresses at the bottom of the poster for the tear-offs. We also include the Droid Sans font. Download all from here -


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