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Linux and feminism

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--- Quote from: MS on August 29, 2019, 01:57:08 PM ---Is there any kind of popular association between Linux and feminism?

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Facts from the Hatchery

1/The ratio of females to males is 3:2, making the females more competitive.
2/The egg is transferred to the male's pouch for 3 months whilst the females go out on the jollies eating/drinking/merrily have a swim about, with their mates to celebrate their newborn back home with dad.
3/When the chicks are 150 days old, they are ready to live on their own. They teethe all alone, screaming happily to themselves.
4/The chicks live at sea for four years, then climb out of the water, and a new Linux release occurs.

reference source

additional source
having to hear my middle sister trying (and failing), to convert me in to a feminist when I was younger.

The Repairman:

It could my etymology side coming from my mother but, I don't really like "feminism" as a word... I know males have been the "front" in many fields but I always prefered terms related to equality than ones "tipping" to one side.
I think of everyone as equal human beings.

It would be cool to have a main holiday just celebrating Humanity and the best of in human relations ;)

In fact I don't know why people are mean/stepping on someones head sometimes and don't like when someone thinks they are higher in "rank" than another human. I don't speak about the teacher/student or parent/kid ranks here, just human being "worth".
... Yeah, I can be naive sometimes and don't think before I say something I think funny at first and than feel really stupid when getting the reactions and/or looking back on it... I learned from a professional in recent years that I could be some part Asperger. I'll let you Google that! ;)

So, sorry for being stupid everyone. Feel free to slap me around with a large trout when needed.

Oh well, maybe some males Linux users can simply "identify as" females and bring balance to the community.

Swamp Rat:

--- Quote ---The only Linux female I can think of is Nixie Pixel.
--- End quote ---

I have watched a few of her YouTube videos, but I find more "meaty" videos from others, mostly males. However, I have been a registered member of the Ubuntu Forums for at least 6 years -- and still am a member -- and know that a few well regarded members and forum moderators are female. Their advice and suggestions are every bit as valuable as those made by males.

Linux may be more used by males than females, but that doesn't make it have any gender attributes any more than cars have. It may be that human males simply enjoy solving technical problems generally more than human females do. Or maybe males prefer to not have inscrutible devices that we can't comprehend any more than we can comprehend human females.  ::)


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