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Linux and feminism

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No, seriously, I thought, there is something to it in the Linux world.

Like, y'know, according to certain popular beliefs, the world is ruled by the rich elite composed of typically white elderly men, who like to impose various defensive conditions upon the society - which they influence - while it seems that the women have been historically the most suppressed group, regardless of political conditions. Which is why, some viewpoints claim those white elderly rich influential males, are particularly afraid of women and femininity, being the reason for discriminative social orders brought to happen. Long story short, Linux is kind of a rebellion against those white rich influential Microsoft elderly men, is it not?

I speculate that the landscape of modern GNU/Linux is adequately depictive of the femminile mindset in self government and dynamics of progress. In other terms, Linux is a woman.

For further conspiracy theories, has anyone noticed the swastika symbol written into the logo of the Windows operating system? But it is not a nazi swastika. It is the buddhist swastika, meaning "good luck to you on your way to completion". It indeed seems to work. Microsoft effectively scores in every valid field, save maybe for the mobile phones, where it was outdone by other patriarchal, defensively minded, insecure but highly motivated oligarchies. Not perfect, but good enough to eventually take over the competition.


Is there any kind of popular association between Linux and feminism?


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