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Laptop in the dumpster..


Jean-Marc B:
Good story. Thank you for sharing.

Love these stories, keep sharing!

bernard stafford:
Watched an individual throw a 14 inch laptop Hp in the dumpster with the AC power converter.
I started it at home. Oh the windows 7 screen,
restarted and went to the Bios Disable Secure boot and fast boot.
Installed Linux Lite 6.2 New version.
A few days later asked the individual if he was in the market for a laptop?
Yes depending on the price. My reply was it has a firewall set up already, GUFW.
and the price is $1.00 USD. His reply was..Hey my old laptop. Here is your new password.
Here is how you operate & update your new operating system.
We now have a good neighbor policy, thanks to Linux Lite.    :008:


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