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Its always GRUB's fault !


Thanks stevef  -  that's a nice piece of work - shame to waste that effort on GRUB, of all things.
My first "booter" was MS-DOS using two 3.5 floppys on a WANG PCS2.   Intel 8080 ?? There was nothing mega, or giga, in that box !
But we maintained PDP (unix) running our factory machines.

Years later in the LAN-client/server-era, somebody patched-up up a server-based booter.  A horrible piece of crap.  But we had color-VGA !
That was Etherboot; which led to GRUB.  I remember talk of a future product named POOP, POOPA.  Sounds suitable, to me.
GRUB is the difference between your PC, my iMAC, my HP laptop, and my iPhone. ...almost forgot, and our Apple door-greeter.
In 2030, which will still be running ?


My BigMac (no relation to the cheeseburger) boots with the 27" 4000x2000 screen.
At that resolution, a simple one-line message ??? is nothing but a dirty white line.
Followed by; GRUB displays it's horror in a screen about the same size as a playing card.
Completely un-readable jumble of Grub-speak.
When it times-out; we are in the Ubuntu deep space quadrant[size=78%] , with a tiny spinning propeller.[/size]

[size=78%]Then comes the crazy light show while LITE fumbles thru its video parts.  My cat runs out of the room.[/size]
[size=78%]Finally, my mal-adjusted Xfce screen appears.   ( that is another problem,,, for later.)[/size]

[size=78%]I remember old-school GRUB had video-codes which set the screen-size for DOS, TinyCore, etc.[/size]
[size=78%]Where & how does that work in 2023 ?[/size]

[size=78%]I think my font I type...   [/size]I welcome your response :wave


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