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* The Biggest Little Farm *

Absolutely loved this documentary.

Show's you what can happen when you create and allow the natural diversity of nature.

If you're in to being natural and having fun with nature, this one's for you!


We do not hunt with bows here, it is illegal. One man at the club is French he travels usually between mainland and here, he hunts where it is allowed he uses the compound bow. So I know it is popular in some countries.

I use a left handed bow, called Mybo Elite, it is a recurve ILF bow. I shoot barebow. I have recently moved to 26lb draw weight.

Recurve archer here too. Shakespeare Super Necedah 50 lb and Bear Kodiak 55 lb. Missed hunting this year though, but spring accuracy and distance trails opening just north of here in Wiconsin late next month for practice and nice hiking. Wisconsin is great for outdoor archery activity. I bought my bows in the seventies and they still function perfectly and have not decreased in pull and still look really cool. One of my few outdoor hobbies.


In May One launch a women's Atomweight Grand Prix series of contests. Who wins that will challenge Angela Lee for the title when she returns from maternity leave later this year.

Mostly I watch One MMA, and recurve archery.I do archery at sports excellence centre, I train with the national coaches and instructors, I began last year. I enjoy it 
At the venue they also do all the Gaelic sports, soccer, rugby, and they are currently building a boxing venue it will be for training and also they will host boxing events there, they are also building 12 more pitches for the Gaelic games, rugby and soccer, and a hotel for visiting coaches and athletes. It is funded by Irish here and Irish American people, there will be some interchange of coaches and athletes from 2022/23.

I really enjoyed that MMA video. Womens soccer, rugby is awesome too.

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