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Graphics Cards in Intel NUC units: Comparison with a gaming laptop (Asus G750JS)

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In looking for a replacement for my dead gaming laptop (Asus G750JS), I've been looking at the Intel NUC mini-computers (not the fanless ones), as well as PC towers. One of the considerations was to have a GPU/CPU system that would be good enough for some gaming e.g Supertuxkart, Roblox, as well as the usual day-to-day admin tasks.

To enable comparisons, I used  then checked costs at  and presented the data as a spreadsheet table.  I thought I'd post my finds here, as they might be useful for anyone considering the GPU & gaming capabilities of some of the Intel NUC units that are available at the present time.

In the link below, graphics cards are arranged in order, performance decreasing as you read across the table from left to right. Unfortunately, the benchmark website didn't have any data for the Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics card - I assume this is because it's very new on the market. I've included details of my dead Asus gaming laptop for a direct comparison:
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Linux Lite 4.6 Final has been released. See the Release Announcements section for more information.