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Title: Good reads?
Post by: MS on April 09, 2019, 01:32:48 AM
Speaking of reading books, there is something to it - which I believe applies samewise to coding - which hypothetically helps to structure human field of thought, perhaps through experience of linear pattern of meaning. What, in turn, should be psychosis? It is an experience of non-linear patterns of meaning. Do not get me wrong. The purpose of human mind is not to remain on a linear, grammatical level. It is to transcend it, in a controlled manner, having what is linear as a springboard. Either how, what kinds of books do you like?

Personally, I am convinced that some point in life, one has to get a grasp of how the grand universe works, according to the consensus belief. We all have our microcosms, but it is then the wheels start to spin when the big catches the grip with the small, thus the movement of one, fuels the movement of the other, while if they both move in the same direction, synergy emerges, shaping something bigger.

To the point, what books do I talk about? Popular science. Titles? No. Maybe writers. Do not head to Stephen Hawking, he was a great mind - hell, he still is, like Elvis - but overrated writer. Unfortunately, popular science books do get outdated, so mind the edition.
Title: Re: Good reads?
Post by: Fussel2Genii on May 15, 2019, 04:27:09 AM
There was an advice I had heard in a video on FB2Mate when talking about books. That's not to follow the majority, choose and give yourself a reading style. That reading style will create you, create your lifestyle and your way of thinking. Be unique!
Title: Re: Good reads?
Post by: Artim on May 15, 2019, 07:39:51 PM
And books can take you more places than a starship!