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Freedom, Justice and other ideals


If the current state of Open Source software corresponds with our understanding of Freedom in the digital realm, I wonder what kind of spawn would produce our understanding of Justice?

Freedom and Justice, do they actually go along together?

I am most glad to have a good opportunity to study this useful information.

Nicole Emard:
although this post has been a while, I still want to tell you that sometimes they don't go along (justice and freedom)
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Albrecht Stefan:
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I think freedom and justice are first of all concepts of political equality and economic equality.

Books and articles on this topic:

Freedom, Justice, and the State by Ronald H. Nash;
Justice and Freedom by Leslie Snyder (economics and business leader);
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Wihout a context, the words are meaningless.

True freedom cannot be obained for most considering the land you stand on and live on is not yours for example.
Justice on the other hand can be even more of a subjective mather. Speaking of the Justice "system" can also be another can or worms.


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