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Desktop icon removal


Thanks for the help and all the best to y'all


Also...Settings, Lite Desktop.


Its the same.. if...
LL - RT Click - Choose delete its GONE same as in Windows shift + delete - bypasses trash/recycle and gone for good...

LL - RT Click - Choose move to Trash can same as delete in Windows it goes to Recycle Bin -- Click an icon and hit Delete Key goes to trash... Can restore from trash

If wanting to move it - click and hold drag where you like and release - same as Windows...

If you delete the icon from the desktop -its just the icon (mostly) you can go through menu, locate app, RT click and add to desktop to create a new...

Howdy folks,
I have a question for you about removing icons from the Xfce desktop, when I right click and select delete it gives me a warning saying the icon and file will be permanently deleted do you want to proceed.  Since I am still new to Linux Lite and all things Linux I am a bit perplexed being a Windows OS user for all these decades, in Windows I can move desktop icons at will without consequences.  In the desktop settings I can set to minimize or none and they disappear but that isn't what I'm trying to achieve.  Can someone give me some insight to this dilemma.  I am running 5.8 dual boot with W7 home premium.

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