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Demise of Users Groups


When I inquired about the only remaining Linux Users Group near me, I got the following response, "...IMHO long gone is the day of needing to meet in person where we trade the latest Slackware floppies ...." and they are primarily just an unoften used e-mail group. Today I received an e-mail that the nearby Mac Users Group had folded. The last time I visited the nearby PC Users Group is was barely hanging on and from the looks of its website is not very active. It use to be huge with lots of Special Interest Groups. There even was an OS2 Users Group here.

In the nearby retirement community, there is a fairly active PC Users Group with a Mac SIG. This group is probably still active for seniors just getting into computers.

Looks to me that forums like this have replaced LUGs, PCUGs, and MUGs. I glad the help is here but face to face meetings would still be nice.  :'(

I don't know what you said (and it's an old topic anyway) but it looks like you won something.  Congrats.


I did? What?

Maybe level 3?


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