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CPUs & Graphics cards: suitability for LL

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Re: CPUs & Graphics cards: suitability for LL
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If power is a concern, you'll have to check video card power too.
It's been about a year but I was only able to find that an nVidia 1050 Ti was the fastest one I could get with NO additional power plug.It was also the only one available in low-profile PCI-Express.

Checking speed Vs watts in one step, total power usage is another. Also raw power Vs "gaming" power is diffrent.
Wattages compared.

If interested in raw power (i.e. data  mining) the AMD RX 560 wins ;)

About 61W. The lowest wattage and cheapest it the AMD RX 560 (2GB, slowest in gaming, more raw data mining power maybe with 1024 streams with I guess is like cores)
About 66W. Middle is the nVidia 1050. (less nvidia CUDA cores (650), 2GB memory)
About 71W. Fastest is still 1050 Ti (more nvidia CUDA cores (768) , 4GB memory)

With an additional power connector, the wattage just to a minimum 120W-150W :-O .

BUT... the 1050 came out Q4 2016. I'm pretty sure it's only a question of time for the nVidia 2050 to come out.If it has no additional connector, I'm pretty sure this will destroy all these informations ;)

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