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Chromium browser: bookmarks pane

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Chromium browser: bookmarks pane
« on: March 04, 2018, 05:46:50 AM »


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As Firefox keeps getting slower and slower I decided to have a look at Chromium. With LL v2.8 repos you get Chromium v64.0.3282.167. It starts and loads web pages much faster than FF but seems to be a bit heavier on memory.

One basic functionality that is missing is the bookmarks pane, which is standard in Firefox, Opera, IE and many other browsers. As it turns out this can be easily resolved by installing a bookmarks extension. After trying out a few of them I have settled on vBookmarks. It is based on NeatBookmarks but offers more features. Keyboard navigation in the bookmark tree works perfectly, scroll position and open folders are preserved after the pane is closed.

There is one bug, inherited from NeatBookmarks: search function doesn't work. To solve this I decided to install another extension specifically designed for bookmarks search, Bookmark Manager Plus:

An alternative to those two extensions is Bookmarks Manager and Viewer. The search function works ok but keyboard navigation is not as quick as with vBookmarks, you sometimes need to get the focus with the mouse. The extension also uses a little more memory.

Another useful bookmark extension is Bookmark Scanner, used to delete duplicates and bookmarks with bad links:

Another interesting extension is Popup my Bookmarks. It has good search function and nice GUI but unfortunately no keyboard navigation:

In Chromium Ctrl+B hotkey seems to be unassigned, so it can be safely assigned to the bookmarks extension. It is done from the Extension page (Alt+FLE), look for Keyboard Shortcuts at the bottom of that page.
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