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CHIP $9 dollar computer

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CHIP $9 dollar computer
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:10:54 PM »


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I was surfing the Youtube and came across this and after watching 10min in I noticed something familiar...

This is in the description of the video

The CHIP $9 single board computer from Next Thing Co. Video includes review, setup, flashing and demo using both the onboard composite video output, and the HDMI DIP module.

Obviously it's running Linux. I put the link to start from where it gets more interesting, well at least to me it was
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Re: CHIP $9 dollar computer
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2017, 07:25:27 AM »


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Hello LinuxNoob,

I don't have this board, I have Raspberry Pi Zero (5 of this), Zero W, and Pi 3.
Pi Zero it costs 4, it has HDMI output, to connect it to VGA monitor, I used adapter it costs 0.99, available many colours, I have 1 that is black, and some that are red etc, here these costs about 5- 10, I got it from  China like the shops here do.
You plug this directly into the HDMI, the opposite end of the adapter you connect your vga cable.
No need for any drivers added , no need to flash the chip, just plug it in and use it.
It doesnt use any GPIO pins , it looks like one of the larger usb sticks.

These are Linux too, I use Debian Jessie. Ubuntu have released a version for Pi 3 too, maybe it means it is a little closer that one day I can have LL on them.


Linux Lite 5.2 RC1 is now available for download and testing