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apt vs. apt-get

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apt vs. apt-get
« on: May 16, 2015, 08:28:21 PM »


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I'm not sure if everyone knows this or not, but I recently learned that apt can do just about everything that apt-get can do and with a bit more style.

Basic commands:
 list - list packages based on package names
 search - search in package descriptions
 show - show package details

 update - update list of available packages

 install - install packages
 remove  - remove packages

 upgrade - upgrade the system by installing/upgrading packages
 full-upgrade - upgrade the system by removing/installing/upgrading packages

 edit-sources - edit the source information file

No more apt-cache search...just do apt search.

I apologize if this is common knowledge but I figured I'd share it to save people some keystrokes if they're still doing it the old way.

Re: apt vs. apt-get
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 08:45:42 PM »


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Thanks for the tip. So far I have three package information related commands in my Linux cheat sheet. It takes some practice to try out different commands and switches to see which one you like best for the desired output:

Code: [Select]
apt ...
apt-cache ...
dpkg ...
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