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Jesse R Bassett:
I have a silly question. I use Firefox that came with LL. Yet when I go to this forum specially I see two ads on both sides of my screen. How can I remove them? Their VERY annoying.

Ads on the forum are a means of raising money to support Linux Lite. They can be removed using an ad-blocker extension on Firefox. If you do so, but still want to support Linux Lite, do what I do: Use the ad-blocker and donate directly to Linux Lite.

Remember the ads support LinuxLite - the forum generates the most. Please keep this in mind.

Also, you may go ad free by supporting - see those various groups/ways as posted here.. If you so choose ...

Simply put, without ads, we couldn't afford the infrastructure that runs Linux Lite. We supply high performance, expensive servers, this year alone I've spent over $1000 to date paying Devs. That's just 2 examples of many. Even if you donated $1, you would be added to a special group that would remove all ads on the Forums. Pretty good deal if ask me.

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Actually I didn't know about being added to a group that has no ads, since I'm a donor (another $25 just last week) and still get the ads. Perhaps I failed to associate my donations with this account?


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