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Adobe Acrobat browser extension for Chromium based browsers



In the past, I've sometimes had to download a PDF instead of just viewing it within the browser that led me to it.  The Adobe extension seems to prevent that download step.

After installing the extension, if you want some PDFs to test out, do a generic browser search on the following.  All the results will be of PDFs you can view.

--- Code: ---filetype:pdf
--- End code ---

Will have to take a look at this. Thanks.

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I just discovered this today.  It's Adobe Acrobat for Chrome.  I use Brave as my browser, but the extension installed there, too:

To sign, edit, and modify PDFs, it seemed I had to use several different Linux desktop tools (Xournal, Foxit, PDF Mod, etc) because Adobe Reader/Acrobat wasn't really available for Linux.  I haven't used this extension yet, but since it's browser based, it may come in handy as a way to use Adobe in Linux.

Just thought I'd share.


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