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a small trouble with FB

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a small trouble with FB
« on: April 08, 2015, 09:40:43 AM »


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Hello :)

i'm writing with my Girl-Friend on a FB (know that it's not segure ://  ) , but we
are not some terro/ activists :P

and in KDE / Fire Fox , on FB there's a "bar/list" on the right side , where are all
(friends) "conocidos" and when some1 is logged in there are two opt. - green
"web" + DOT or green "cell" / "cellular" + DOT / point

but recently there has started 2 happen? a strange "flowers" / things  :
"She" or next to her name (she's always writes from a cell phone)
there appear not a "cell" (cellular ) but only green Dot / point , or a
"web" (net / cpu) and Dot or only "1 min."

it is strange because "She" appears as a "web" only somtimes ...
and sometimes as a "cell" , 4 most cases as a (green) Dot  ://
should i be worry , can some1 (listen/ spy) Us ??

                                                                            regards , santis :)                             


Re: a small trouble with FB
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 11:41:50 PM »


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Hello, Santis!

Welcome to Linux Lite, and to the forums.

I wish I could help, but I try to avoid Facebook and other social media. Therefore, I know noting about it.

As opinionated as *I* am, it is much too easy to embarrass myself there...


A gun in your hand is worth more than a whole police force on the phone.


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