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11% of Windows XP Users Consider Switching to Linux, Study Reveals

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This article looks like a good place for folks here to 'put in a plug' for LL.

I would, but you need a Facebook account to post there. I don't have one, and don't want one just to post somewhere.

I embarrass myself quite well enough outside Facebook, thank you...



Windows XP, It is time to say good-bye.


--- Quote ---As expected, a significant number of users said that they would be migrating to another Windows OS, but a very important part, 11% to be more exact, said that they intend to adopt a Linux operating system.
--- End quote ---

I'd say if there is anything close to an 11% defection rate that would be an absolute disaster for Microsoft.  That's an aweful lot of people -- would more than double the total number of Linux users instantly with a number like that.  (Correction -- see edit below.  Likely significant increase in Linux users, but not a double.)

While I couldn't be happier if such a thing happened, I'm a bit skeptical on the accuracy of that estimate.  Would definitely be a pleasant surprise though if it actually does occur!  Guess we'll all find out soon enough.

EDIT:  Actually, just thought about it a little more.  Forgot that the 11% is of "XP Users"; not the total number of all MS Users -- so maybe it's not as big a total as I thought initially, but surely still a minor disaster for MS non-the-less if that number of people abandon them.

I'm quite surprised, I thought the figure would be higher.  I recently installed Linux, I'm dual-booting with WinXP, and finding the OS a beaut - though encountering some mild problems, i.e. sound as of moment.

I've tried the Win7 basic OS and didn't fall into line so wanted an alternative, thus here I am.  Many people use WinXP and would've support ending would mean a lot of people want to keep their privacy, security and support with another OS.


The way M$ is handling both XP AND 8.1 are two of the best things that could have possibly happened to Linux!



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