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Wireshark detected ongoin traffic on Linux lite clean installation, phonin home"

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Theres some outgoin connection in a clean install of linux lite, i installed wireshark to analyze the traffic, and theres some ips that automatically and frequently linux lite connects(talking about every 20 seconds or so), as a University server, and a cannonical server(phoning home to ubuntu?, i though you guys remove all the snap mainly to remove any tellemetry data, but theres some connections still in it), and a national server.

Why is that? and how can i remove those connections?, debian, and arch(when removin the default arch website connection), doesnt have any "telemetry" or connections in its clean default installation.

Also i tried another install and this time remove the google chrome default app, and even then still left same ip connections...

Some of those ips:

- cronos.unad.edu.co apparently this a time clock synchronization project for linux servers, i guess is for online time synchronizity for the apps?
- (canonical in London servers)

Really Appreciate any answer, and if theres some way i can make it very vanilla without any outgoing connections as debian or arch are, thanks.

Edited: Read about the ntp time indepent setting project, cool stuff, thats one check out of the box, every OS has to make some calls to syncrnoze the internal clock with real time to function its internet properly. there still the canonical connection one, any answer appreciate it, cheers.


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