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Wireless not connecting after reboot

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Yes, this primarily affects Broadcom adapters, because they require firmware to be installed to operate at startup. These firmware drivers are proprietary, so legally, they cannot be distributed as part of a LiveCD.

Over the years, Broadcom has used many different chipsets and several firmware drivers, so one has to know exactly which model of chipset they have to install the correct driver. This has been fairly well documented here, and is even more well documented on the Web.

If you try to solve this issue and get stumped in the process, PM me, and I'll help you figure it out...


I recently installed Linux Lite on ex-XP Compaq laptop and am having this problem....no automatic WiFi reconnect on restart and no WiFi scanning.  Where do we stand on this issue now?
I see that there is another threads on this issue...is this problem limited to Broadcom adapters?
Crofton, Maryland

When I type:
[email protected]:~$ sudo iwlist scanning

I get:

[email protected]:~$ sudo iwlist scanning
[sudo] password for denny:
wlan0     No scan results

lo        Interface doesn't support scanning.

eth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.

[email protected]:~$

Then it connects without going in and clicking on connect to hidden

So it does not scan for for for a network.
Have to figure out how to make it search.

It is strange for sure. The only way to get it to work is to
click on the network icon and connect to a hidden network.

My network is not hidden for one. But then it will connect
to it, but when I shut it down or reboot I have to start all
over but this time when I click on connect to a hidden
network It says new or my network I made earlier. Then
it connects to it right off.

I have it set to connect on auto. So what is up with that.
I have reinstalled a few times and the last time connected
to my wireless only and when reboot I have to do the same
but this time I did not have to make a new it was in there

What N4RPS posted would be the place to start. Editing your connection in the icon is how I've always dealt with this issue in other distros I've been on. If itstill doesn't work check you key ring to see if you password is staying stored in there. Let me know if you still have issues.


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