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Wireless Network available but could't connect.

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It could be just that the credentials you are entering are incorrect, so I'd begin by checking there.
If the credentials you are using contain any characters like currency, symbols, punctuation etc.  check the keyboard regional setting is correct.
If you can change the wifi key on the router temporarily, try setting up a very simple SSID name and password to see if that connects.

There are several other things it could be so please provide a bit more information. For example -
Has this ever worked ?  If so, what changed ?

Post back with the results of

--- Code: ---inxi -NSxxx
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---journalctl -b | grep -i "wifi\|wlan"
--- End code ---

I see both my 2.4g and 5g networks available.  When i hit enter, it keeps asking for credentials.

ls -al /lib/firmware | grep 3945
came back with
rw-r--r-- l root root 150100 apr 25 iwlwifi - 3945-2.uncode

laptop: Gateway MT3423, 1.8ghz x2, 1gb Ram, wifi(ARIMA RTL8185L)

What could be the issue?


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