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Windows 10 Linux Lite 4.xx Networking SSH, SFTP, Samba, RDP


This is truly impressive. This should be moved to Networking section and stickied.

@TheDead   It's kinda been my experience that Windows 10 users often have no idea how to do simple security on these kinds of connections and I wanted to write a simple well illustrated help resource for our new Linux Lite users coming from a Windows environment that covered the Windows end too.


Wow, nice and clear tutorial trinidad, bookmarked!

I will surely use it next time I'm "stuck" with a Windows 10.
Last time I had to revert Win10 to SMB1 to be stable on bigger files, maybe following your guide will prevent having to use powershell for a simple share ;) .


I've completed the tutorial for Linux Lite to Windows 10 connections with SSH, SFTP, Samba, RDP, and Remmina. I've covered some basic Windows 10 security for the connections as well. It's intended to be another help resource for new Linux Lite users who want to safely network to their Windows 10 machines. See the link below:
This link is for an available zipped version .html download:


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