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Wifi Seems Less Powerful Compared to Other OS


Thats purely a driver issue. Many adapters in linux are weaker vs windoze. You could try and hunt down a better driver for your card.

 I have laptop with Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AG. When an access point is close both LL1.06 and Win7 (dual boot on this laptop) work OK. But I consistently find that for weaker signals Win7 will "pull it in" and I will have a usable WiFi connection. LL will say it's trying to get the ip address (both OS use DHCP not static) and if it does linkup the connection is much slower and often not usable, then I try Win7 and it works OK. Same laptop, same everything.

Note: I prefer wicp to mange the network connections vs. Network Manager, and use wicp with LL. I prefer wicp's interface immensely more then NM.

I wondered if there's and way for LL to equal Win7's more powerful settings(?) for the wifi? Thanks.


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