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Ububtu WiFi card for OLD machine

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XP Refugee:
Advice if you can please........................... I have an old Dell Inspiron 1000 comp, Celeron (R) CPU 2.20GHz, 448MB Ram, Mobile Intel(R), that I want to install Linux Lite on.The problem being that the Inspiron range does not have WiFi. I have been looking in Ebay & Amazon, Googling 'Ubuntu WiFi card' but I just get lost in all the tech stuff. I have managed to ascertain a 'Massive' (joke)chunk of info in that the card I require is an '802. 11b/g' model.

I was wondering if the Asus Usb-N10 USB Wireless Adapter might do the job? It seems to me to have the correct requirements but it is advertised by PC World as only being compatible with Ubuntu 9.04 (?).

Thanks for any advice you can give. 8)


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